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The Future of Risk Management

There are a host of new factors which are creating a fresh demand for operational risk management,  particularly in the financial services sector. Breakthrough technology, increased data availability, evolving business models and value chains are spearheading the transformation of financial institutions and the manner in which they serve their customers. There is also a major impact to the way businesses operate internally and interact with their external partners. Operational risk must keep up with today’s dynamic environment and give adequate consideration to the evolving risk landscape.


We can tailor fit our service to the requirements of the client, regardless of their size. We have a dynamic and composable team with an arsenal of cost effective solutions to help smaller businesses and individuals.


In today’s business environment the costs of making a mistake can sometimes be fatal to the business and costly for its owners. We help our clients limit the risks and ensure staff are trained to operate dilligently.


Our managements core experience has been serving conglomerate and financial institutions as well as providing services to government bodies and NGO’s. With over 50 years combined experience in the sector, we consider ourselves experts in the field.


We have developed in house training modules to help our clients operate with a current and credible standard. Continuous training is key to successfully mitigating risk on an ongoing basis. 

Our Process


We provide access to valuable information and can help your staff on how to process and conduct analysis of the results.


Protecting your corporate identity and intellectual property is a much demanded and valuable service we provide. Our objective is to prevent these items from falling into the wrong hands and being misused.


Having control over your personal and business data is key in today’s world. We can assess vulnerabilities in your security and come up with a plan on how to mitigate the risks.


We conduct reviews on in house processes and find ways in which your organisation can perform more efficiently.

Rest assured, you and your Company are covered

Once you instruct us to help with your requirements, we will use all means available to ensure your business is safe.

Why Choose Us

With a vast experience in the sector as well as a multinational team, we also have a host of internationally located lawyers, advisory firms and accountants who we work closely with to ensure your business is not just protected locally but indeed globally. We tailor our work to our clients requirements and once a full assessment of your circumstances has been conducted we can advise you on all the relevant aspects to ensure your business continuity.


Over 50 years experiance


Mena & CIS regions specilists


Multinational team


International network


Tailored service


Integrity first


Our main mission is to bolster legal and compliance readiness, ensure business continuation and help protect data, assets and reputation of our clients.


We pride ourselves on the clarity of information we provide from the quotation stage to the time of submitting our work.


It is important that our clients know that they can trust us no matter how sensitive the matter is. We always have and always will operate with integrity at the heart of our business. It was been key to our successful track record of client retention.

We thank you for the comprehensive service we received. We believe our business is in a much better place as a result.

Director, DIFC Fund

We are pleased to be extending our contract for a third year. We are fully satisfied with the results so far and long may it coninue.

Head of Risk, Luxembourg Finacial Intitution

Your guidance and advice has been paramount in our decion makimaking process.

CEO, Astana Venture Capital Firm

Frequently Asked Questions


Are compliance & risk management the same thing ?

Compliance management and risk management are related, but they are not the same thing. Risk management involves predicting and managing risks to help an organisation protect itself from risks that might eventually lead to non-compliance.


Is it necessary to have both risk and compliance processes in a business?

You cannot have a robust risk management program without compliance, and vice versa. However, to address compliance and risk management, you should have distinct approaches and execution tactics for both. Non-compliance is a risk, but risk management is not compliance.


What should be the responsibility of compliance ?

To identify, manage, monitor and reduce compliance risks in an organisation, you need to take advantage of certain strategies. These include identifying the areas of high risk, and ensuring that regulatory alerts and updates are actionable, all of which the compliance team manages.


How does Quintana help its clients mitigate risk and optimise compliance processes ?

We have a two-fold approach to dealing with the challenges our clients face. First and foremost we act as an outsource unit to handle the clients requirements and then we operate a training programe to help our clients develop or improve their in house staff.

How can we help you?

We would like to find out more about your circumstances so we can assess how we can best serve your requirements. We are happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement before our first meeting. Please do get in touch to find our more.

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