About us

Over 50 years of experience in the field

Quintana Global is a leading provider of compliance, risk management and forensic consultancy. Our organisation has formed various specialised divisions for different types of assignments, including corporate and private investigations.

We operate as a professional full-service compliance and risk management business with a purpose to cater to the needs of financial entities, corporate clients, insurance companies, government agencies, attorneys as well as, private individuals.

The management team – who boast over 50 years in our specialised field – have developed methods and standards which surpass the industry norms, which in turn has helped us to excel in the compliance, risk and investigative industry.

Our compliance and forensic officers have been selected on their extensive expertise with most of our team having formal backgrounds in private and corporate investigations as well as accountancy and compliance.


Quintana DWC

Our Mission & Values

Our main mission is to bolster legal and compliance readiness, ensure business continuation and help protect data, assets and the reputation of our clients.


We always have and always will operate with this core attribute at the heart of our business. It has been key to our successful track record of client retention.


It is important that our clients know that they can trust us no matter how sensitive the matter. We operate a with an internal lock on clients data, as well as a approved access and tracing system for all staff who have worked on client matters.


We don’t just see the team as the internal staff and the partners we regularly work with. We also see the client as a valuable component to achieving a successful outcome, hence we often work operationally with our clients.


We pride ourselves on the clarity of information we provide from the quotation stage to the point of submitting our results.

Our Process


We provide access to valuable information and can help your staff on how to process and conduct analysis of the results.


Having control over your personal and business data is key in today’s world. We can assess vulnerabilities in your security and  come up with a plan on how to mitigate the risks.


We conduct reviews on in house processes and find ways in which your organisation can perform more efficiently.


Protecting your corporate identity and intellectual property is a much demanded and valuable service we provide. Our objective is to prevent these items from falling into the wrong hands and being misused.

Want to know more about how we can help?

We would like to find out more about your circumstances so we can assess how we can best serve your requirements. We are happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement before our first meeting. Please do get in touch to find our more.

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