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Frequently Asked Questions


Are compliance & risk management the same thing ?

Compliance management and risk management are related, but they are not the same thing. Risk management involves predicting and managing risks to help an organisation protect itself from risks that might eventually lead to non-compliance.


Is it necessary to have both risk and compliance in a business ?

You cannot have a robust risk management program without compliance, and vice versa. However, to address compliance and risk management, you should have distinct approaches and execution tactics for both. Non-compliance is a risk, but risk management is not compliance..


What should be the responsibility of compliance ?

To identify, manage, monitor and reduce compliance risks in an organisation, you need to take advantage of certain strategies. These include identifying the areas of high risk and ensuring that regulatory alerts and updates are actionable, all of which the compliance team manages.


How does Quintana help its clients mitigate risk and optimise compliance processes ?

We have a two-fold approach to dealing with the challenges our clients face. First and foremost we act as an outsource unit to handle the clients requirements and then we operate a training program to help our clients develop or improve their in-house staff.

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