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We are pioneers in deploying the Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) concept invented by OCEG, which enabling the firms to reliably achieve goals and objectives, identify uncertainty and perform with integrity.

Regulatory compliance
and business continuity

We offer various solutions related to development and enhancement of compliance, corporate governance, business continuity and disaster recovery frameworks, including data and cyber security systems and controls.


Outsourced Compliance and AML officers


Creation of policies and procedures


Development of governance system


Compliance and risk monitoring plan implementation

Enterprise Risk


We are enterprise risk management experts providing various risk solutions focusing on operating, legal, cyber, financial and compliance risks and deploying robust management systems and controls with industry orientated standards.


Development of risk strategy and risk governance systems and controls


Outsourced risk officers


Business Continuity and Incident Management


Risk assessment plan implementation

Team at work

"Data increasingly is seen as a corporate asset that can be used to make more-informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits"

Jeremy Harrison, Head of Data

"A lack of proper data management can saddle organizations with incompatible data silos, inconsistent data sets and data quality problems that limit their ability to run business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications, or even worse, lead to faulty findings"

Jeremy Harrison, Head of Data

"A wide range of technologies, tools and techniques can be employed as part of the data management process. That includes the available tools and options we have for different aspects of managing data"

Jeremy Harrison, Head of Data

Specialised Advisory

Our specialised services portfolio includes: corporate investigations; corporate due diligence investigations; business background investigation; corporate and business intelligence; asset tracing investigation; corporate intelligence and analysis; surveillance; computer forensic investigation; fraud investigation; corporate background screening; employment screening and other customized compliance services.

Data Management

Data management has grown in importance as businesses are subjected to an increasing number of regulatory compliance requirements, including data privacy and protection laws. In addition, companies are capturing ever-larger volumes of data and a wider variety of data types, both hallmarks of the big data systems many have deployed. Without good data management, such environments can become a mine field for any business

Core Industries

Financial & (Re)insurance Services


Communications & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

Architecture and Construction 

Design & Engineering 

Resources & Infrastructure

IT & Telecom

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